Eat all you want & still lose weight
Here at last is the news   millions of men and women plagued by excess fat, flab, and cellulite have been waiting for. If you need to lose weight… and every weight-loss program you have ever tried has failed... it’s time to forget anything and everything anyone has told you about dieting before. This is not marketing fantasy, this is science, documented by published medical findings. But there’s more! In recent months, thousands and thousands of men and women around the country who have been overweight for years... have used the Akävar-20/50 formulation and have also confirmed in documented, certified testimonials a fantastic and incredible loss of weight without ever “dieting”... not even for one day. Finally, automatic caloric restriction is a reality. So now you know, no matter how much weight you need to lose... whether it’s 10 pounds or 100 pounds... you have to start somewhere, and Akävar-20/50 is the fastest, easiest, unconditionally guaranteed way to start you on your journey to a thinner, trimmer, slimmer (and much healthier) body.
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In a groundbreaking University of Liverpool study, a group of women were taken to an eat-all-you-want lunch buffet where they were told -- that’s right -- “eat all you want.” Those who took Akävar’s key weight-loss compound ate significantly fewer calories and stopped eating sooner than women who took a placebo pill. In other words, they ate everything they wanted to eat, because they wanted to eat less... how simple is that? By altering your desire to overeat (what scientists call “increasing satiety”), you reduce caloric intake automatically and you lose weight without “dieting”... without calorie counting... without complex meal plans, frozen foods, or feeling starved... and, best of all, without even trying. As you may have guessed, the release of this European “miracle compound” is creating a firestorm of controversy. But while the experts debate, consumers continue their love affair with this amazing European weight-loss breakthrough.
University of Liverpool In a published, placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind clinical trial (the type of proof acceptable to both the scientific and medical communities), doctors tested a group of overweight patients. Among those who took Akävar-20/50’s functional, proprietary weight-loss compound, 23 out of 24 people lost a substantial amount of weight. But that’s not all. A group of subjects who continued taking the functional weight-loss compound for a period of one full year (in an uncontrolled, “real life” setting) experienced NO rebound weight gain. Not a single pound! In other words, Akävar’s key weight-loss compound caused substantial weight loss without calorie counting and without diet rebound… simply through its remarkable ability to automatically reduce food intake below previous levels. While no diet pill can possibly work for everybody (that’s why there’s an ironclad money-back guarantee), scientific documentation has confirmed that virtually everyone in the study who used Akävar-20/50’s key compound (23 out of 24 participants, to be exact) lost weight.
Basic Research Organization When ordering any weight-loss formulation online or over the phone, it’s important to know who you are dealing with. Dynakor Pharmacal® is a solid, established retail firm you can count on. We are members of the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce, and our brick-and-mortar order-processing center, corporate offices, and central retail outlet are located in beautiful Salt Lake City. When you dial 1-800-559-1383 (toll free), or email us, you will reach our own Customer Service Center, not some hired order-taking service somewhere in Pakistan. When you call or email for product information, you will speak to our trained customer service representatives who are eager to help you and are familiar with our fine family of products. (By the way, our customer service representatives work at our on-site order processing center... not some rented mailing address.) We keep all your personal information strictly confidential, unlike many companies who sell “your” personal information to strangers for profit (they call it “their” customer list). We don’t. We respect your privacy and appreciate your business. Remember, any guarantee (including those tempting double- and triple-your-money-back promises) is only as good as the company behind it. Dynakor Pharmacal delivers exactly what we promise, and we stand 100% behind our guarantee. We won’t let you down. (P.S. The next time you’re in Salt Lake City, stop by our offices and see what products are being planned for the future.)
FACT: Akävar-20/50 literally causes excess fat to be pulled from bulging parts of your body!

As Akävar-20/50 restricts caloric intake to below your daily caloric requirement, you literally pull excess fat from all over your body, including your waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks (the body’s natural fat storage sites)... leaving your body looking thinner, trimmer, and sexier than you ever thought possible. Akävar-20/50 helps draw out bulging pockets of fat and helps prevent the further conversion and storage of excess fat all over your body. This remarkably effective formulation works so fast and is so easy to use that before you have time to become discouraged, you will have lost pounds and inches of ugly, hard-to-get-at, figure-destroying fat.

Can you really “Eat All You Want and Still Lose Weight”?

The skeptics say “impossible.” But the Federal Trade Commission’s own 2003 guidance document contains a specific exemption for a weight-loss product like Akävar... a product that curbs appetite (or as the ads say, “reduces your caloric intake automatically”). In fact, while the FTC does not endorse any specific product, its guidelines plainly stated that it is okay to say “people can eat what they want so long as it is clear from the ad or commercial that people will not want to eat as much food as before they started using the product.” This is exactly what happens when you take Akävar... you can eat what you “want” because you want to eat less... just take two capsules before meals... you lose weight... it’s that simple.

Major Medical Breakthrough Shatters Weight Loss Barrier

In short, a major medical breakthrough has shattered the weight-loss barrier, and a new generation of fast-acting caloric restrictors has been born. Akävar-20/50 makes up for years of overeating, years without exercise, years without being able to push away the extra dessert or midnight snack, and most importantly, years of embarrassment and a lack of self-confidence. It’s no wonder there’s been so much excitement about Akävar-20/50, as men and women around the world, just like you, have already discovered... there’s no easier, more dramatic weight-loss compound available today. The only thing you have to do is remember to take your easy-to-swallow Akävar-20/50 capsules each and every day. That’s it! There is nothing else to do, no other diet to buy. Akävar-20/50 will do everything else for you... automatically... and that’s guaranteed. By this time, you’ve probably heard about Akävar-20/50 or seen promotional material in newspapers, magazines, TV, or on the Internet. If you have been unable to find Akävar-20/50 at your local pharmacy, it’s not surprising. The proprietary Akävar-20/50 formulation has been in short supply ever since its introduction into the United States. Your best bet is to order Akävar-20/50 directly from us, the exclusive U.S. distributor! A full 72-capsule supply is $39.99.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Because no product or program will work for everyone, Akävar-20/50 is covered by our No-Nonsense Money-Back Guarantee. Our guarantee contains no fine print or misleading terms. Simply stated, if you use Akävar-20/50 and do not see the substantial weight loss you would have (until now) thought impossible, just return the empty container within 30 days (we would like you to use all of this fine formulation) for a full, prompt refund. Again, let us restate: If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with Akävar-20/50, it will cost you absolutely nothing.